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Supporting Business

Support Services

As Information Technology becomes more vital to the successful running of a present day company, so the support requirement becomes larger and more important, whatever the size of a company and its IT support. Be it a fully staffed department or a member of staff taking the role on by default, there is always a need for extra resources, specific skills, or simply cover when a key member of staff is unavailable.

At Mobit we aim to fill that gap, supplying staff to work both on site and remotely via modem,ISDN and VPN links. We can provide many levels of both proactive and reactive support coupled with project design and implementation. We specialize in Unix, Linux, Novell NetWare and Windows systems together with both Informix and Oracle Databases. We can also offer solutions using AFP formscape for printing and document storage, and have specific skills in a number of specialist packages.

We have the skills and resources to assist in the management and support of a small company network with a couple of users, to looking after a complex Unix machine for a Council whilst the Systems Administrator is on holiday, to project managing the selection and implementation of a financial system for a large private company.

One of our most popular support packages is our remote systems monitoring. Under this service we login to your system at specified times and frequencies, check the performance of your system, look for any possible problem areas and assist you to fix them before they become a problem. This service can be extended whilst key staff are absent, with staff on site or on call. This service works very well as due to the constant exposure to your system, we know and understand it and can easily manage it when required.

All our staff carry industry certification and have many years of experience, with strong technical skills and a good customer facing attitude. Our staff can operate alone or easily interface with your existing staff.