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Supporting Business

Web Hosting

The Internet has become a major business tool, and a web presence is no longer a luxury but now a necessity. Even if the site simply declares your existence and how to contact you, increasingly people turn not to the phone book but to the Internet to find goods and services. Together with our Host Provider we can arrange the following Services:-

As well as assistance with your company web site there is also your company web access to consider. Should everyone have a modem, or should the access be controlled through the network? Do you need a firewall and what about e-mail? These are all questions we can help you to answer and provide the solution.

Along with the growth of the Internet has been the Intranet. This is essentially the same thing, but restricted to inside your company. Using the same browser technology you can use an intranet to present information to the people in your company. This could be anything from the 5-a-side football results to your latest stock levels, updated constantly from your stores database. We have specialists who can help explain and design a system to meet your needs. Placing all this data on your network can effect performance and reliability. With our networking expertise we can ensure that you have the correct infrastructure in place.

To find out more about how we can help you please contact us directly via phone or e-mail listed on the contacts page.