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With todays huge reliance on computer resources System backups are a vital although often overlooked area of IT.

It's vital that your organisation has a reliable backup solution in place. We can offer a review of your backup and archiving sytems and suggest a future strategy from a wide range of solutions.


The traditiona solution to taking backups is to install software on the servers, and to take backups to tape on a scheduled basis. Where there are very critial sytems Constant transaction logging can be used.

We can provide and install such systems and work with your staff to produce a workable backup schedule to keep your data safe

The storage of backup tapes is also critical and with our courier partners we can provide secure off-site storage with collection and delivery of tapes

Remote Backup

With the advent of cheaply available high bandwidth network connections it is now possible to offer remote backup of your data to secure servers.

We can offer